Monday, July 19, 2010

Carpet Cleaning Tips, how to clean up a food spill.

Food Spill clean up, carpet cleaning tip.

If you spill some type of food on your carpet I will give you some tips on
how to clean it up.

First thing you want to do is pick up the spill from the outer edge of the
spill to the center of the spill. You can pick up the spill with your hands
or a spoon. Don't pick up the spill with a paper towel because you run the
risk of making the stain into a bigger stain.

Once you remove the solids of the spill then you need to blot the spill with
a white towel. The towel can be a paper towel or a cotton towel. You blot the
spill by taking the white towel and push straight down onto the spill, do not
rub the spill I repeat do not rub the spill, just blot. Hold the pressure of
the towel onto the stain for a few seconds. Then pick the towel up and look
to see if the stain of the spill is transferring to the white towel. If the
stain is transferring fold the towel to a clean spot on the towel, then use
that clean spot on the towel to blot the stain again. If the stain keeps
transferring to the towel repeat the process so the stain does not transfer
any more.

After the stain stops transferring to the white towel you want to rinse the
spill with clean warm water. To rinse with water you want to use a spray
bottle filled with cool to warm water. Don't use hot water to rinse the stain.
With the spray bottle spray the spill but don't saturate the spot, then blot
with a clean white towel. Spray the spill with water and blot until there is
no transfer of the the spill onto the white towel.

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